With new COVID-19 cases slowing down, many universities planned to hold in-person instruction this fall with new precautionary measures in place. Only a few weeks into the semester, a number of schools made a quick switch to online learning. During our last webinar, we predicted that the student housing industry would fair just fine in this current climate. Join a panel of Yardi Matrix experts to see if their predictions were correct and hear what could be in store for the spring semester.

Topics will include:

  • An assessment of predictions from this spring on enrollment, new supply, preleasing, dorm capacity and rent growth
  • A look at early fall financial and operational indicators
  • Current COVID status at universities – which universities had to change course, and why? Which universities are keeping new cases at bay, and what have they done differently to prepare?
  • Which universities, conferences and properties performed the best? Which didn’t perform as well as expected?
  • A look forward at what's in store for the spring semester