With the growth of e-commerce and high demand for contactless shopping, the industrial sector has been performing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional demand will likely increase as the holiday season approaches. Niche aspects of the industrial sector, including cold storage, may get a boost as deployment of a vaccine nears. Despite the economic volatility, Industrial seems poised for strong and continued growth.

On the other hand, the office industry has been severely impacted by 2020’s challenges. Most office using employees are working from home, unsure about when they will return to the office. The office industry is at an inflection point and the future of office use is likely to be dramatically disrupted.

Join industry experts Jeff Adler and Jack Kern as they offer insight into key industry topics, including:

  • Demand for industrial considering changing consumption trends toward goods and away from services
  • Operating fundamentals for industrial properties
  • The future of office utilization
  • Workplace habits and impact on office locations