How We Report Multi-Family Development Activity

Multi-Family New Development activity status is tracked through a combination of primary research, and secondary source reference. Results are reported under three activity categories:

Under Construction – Properties actively being developed. A property remains "Under Construction" until a final certificate of occupancy has been issued. Under construction status begins with permits, monitored monthly, beginning in the fourth month following permit issuance, with completion status confirmed through direct developer or contractor contact during the course of construction.

Planned – Planned apartment communities are actively engaged in the development approval process. Planned development relies on a variety of secondary sources for available information: City Design Review Board minutes; development reporting services; and industry publications.

Prospective – Prospective Development holds lower status in probability of completion. Communities designated as Prospective are developments which: Remain subject to entitlement approvals; are being developed as "either apartments or condominiums - to be determined"; have been announced for "future development", or; have been temporarily placed on hold by the developer.

Information specific to a property's composition is entered as soon as possible after start of construction. Information sources include: Review of construction plans at city planning departments, contact with developers, contractors and architects associated with the project, and; site visits.

Rental rates among apartment communities under construction are included immediately following start of a property's rent-up period